apna punjab hove.. punjab b4 breaking apart..!!

A pilgrim taking ‘Ishnaan’ (Bath) at a sarovar in a Gurdwara in Punjab.

Humanity before religion : Temple serving free meal to 100000 people everyday.

Hanere vich sulagdi Varanmala
When do I say don’t ask for justice?Or, for your rights, do not fight?But recoginze the enemyAnd don’t sever your own limbsDo not dishonor your wingsIn this unnecessary flightAgainst sorrows we have to fightAgainst poverty we have to fightThose who exploit with the pretext of protection,We have to fight against themI offer my life on the edge of your swordWho can refuse its importance?Take care of it, keep it well burnishedKeeps its edge well honedIn the darkness writing lightKeep it like a blaze for fireThere are times whenThe sword alone is a scribeYet why walk the distance already walkedThe road ahead is sufficiently heavy?

bari barsi khatan gaya sikhat ke lyanda…….
Loosely translated to English, it says:
12 years, you had gone to getwhat did you bring back
I wonder if this originates from Ranjha, who had been grazing cattle for about 12 years and in the end did not get his Heer.

Village life by Paki Nuttah on Flickr.

Har gunah bakshish de laare har daffa keeta na kar

Vivek Shauq (via ki-gandh-paya)